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The Plantage district, home to the Roeterseiland Campus, is a densely populated area.

A primary school is located across from the campus, and various cultural institutions such as the Hermitage museum, NEMO and Tropenmuseum are located at walking distance. The Roetersstraat is a busy street with intensive pedestrian, bicycle, car and tram traffic. 

Accessibility, safety, liveability and communication

It will thus be crucial to ensure accessibility, liveability, safety and effective communications. The UvA will be devoting a great deal of attention to these four aspects over the course of the renovation and construction effort.

All UvA contractors will be expected to meet specific requirements in the area of Accessibility, Liveability, Safety and Communication (ALSC). The contractor's offer should outline a strategy for organising work in a way that will minimise inconvenience for the surrounding environment. The contractor must demonstrate compliance with all applicable requirements and set out a strategy for compliance monitoring. This action plan will be assessed as part of the contractor selection procedure. 



The A in ALSC relates to the accessibility of the city and neighbourhood by car, public transport, bicycle, water and foot traffic for local residents, entrepreneurs, contractors, emergency services and all other parties seeking to travel to or from the area during the implementation phase. 


In order to ensure optimal liveability, agreements must be made with the contractor in order to minimise noise levels and other forms of inconvenience for the surrounding environment. 

Building in a densely populated environment


The S in ALSC relates to the safety of the environment, more specifically physical safety at and around the construction site, traffic safety and social safety issues. 


The UvA is committed to maintaining good relationships with all internal and external parties involved in developing the Roeterseiland Campus. All communications with these parties should contain timely and clearly worded information on progress, planning schedules and anticipated inconveniences during the completion of construction and renovation work.