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The University Library (UB) is moving from Singel and the PC Hooft building to the University Quarter. Here, we are renovating the former Binnengasthuis Hospital and combining this with a new wing to form a single building for the library. The building has been designed as a 21st-century library, an inspiring meeting place where you can study, conduct research and work. A place where the entire academic community is welcome and feels at home.
  • Our ambition
    • The area has served various different functions in the past, including as a hospital and a convent. Its history goes all the way back to the Middle Ages. We will be preserving the character of the existing historic building, while adding a spectacular glass roof and a new wing. The former hospital wards are being converted into atmospheric reading rooms with bookcases right up to the ceiling. In this way, historical and contemporary elements are being interwoven into a single appealing building.
    • The splendid atrium, at the heart of the building, will be ideal for information meetings, open days, activities and events.
    • Sustainability is an important consideration in the development of the new University Library. For example, we are transporting building materials by water. In order to encourage future users of the new University Library to come by bicycle, we are creating a large bicycle parking facility for 1000 bicycles beneath the building.

    View the design of the new University Library.

  • Timeline

    We currently expect construction to be completed at the end of 2024 and the new University Library to be put into use in the third quarter of 2025. This remains a forecast, because something unexpected can always happen with such a complex construction project.

    Last updated: 29-08-2023

Video: a look at the construction process

Curious to find out how things are going on the construction site? Watch the video, which shows part of the construction process of the new University Library.