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The Gasthuiskerk (guest house church) has its origins in the Middle Ages (fifteenth century) and is one of the oldest buildings in the University Quarter. Remnants of this building are partially located in what we now refer to as parts B and C. Part A is the adjacent main building of Allard Pierson. On behalf of the UvA, the foundation of building part C has been restored, and the upper structure is being made suitable for use within the existing layout.
  • Our ambition
    The three building parts of the Allard Pierson and the Gasthuiskerk

    First, the foundation of building part C has now been restored, and the interior will be renovated to serve as an office space for the next 15 years. Adjustments to the installations are being made, including ICT provisions, measurement and control technology, and an evacuation system.

    Building part B is currently under temporary management after the departure of the childcare organisation KinderRijk. Still, the UvA plans to put it back into use. The layout of this part of the building will be modified, and its facade, under the tree, will be slightly adjusted. The design and planning are still in progress, in close consultation with MenA (Monuments and Archaeology).

  • Timeline

    Start of the project: Q2 2021 – Occupancy: Q1 2024

    • Demolition work (restoring the foundation), Q3 2022 (Completed);
    • Implementing the restoration of the foundation, Q4 2022 – Q1 2023 (Completed);
    • Renovation of building part B, Q3 and Q4 2023;
    • Occupancy, Q1 2024.

    The schedule for building part B is still in the planning phase.

    Updated planning as of: 22 August 2023

Image: Gasthuiskerk under restoration

In the past period, the foundation of building part C of the Gasthuiskerk (GHK) was restored. The next phase of the renovation is the renovation of the so-called 'upper structure,' the above-ground building part.