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University Quarter

University Quarter

The University of Amsterdam is building the University Quarter at and around the Binnengasthuis premises. In the future, this campus will serve as the home base for students, employees and researchers of the Faculty of Humanities. The UvA-wide University Library will also occupy a prominent location on the campus.

In the city centre of Amsterdam, between the red-light district and the shopping streets, lies the historical centre of Amsterdam. There’s good reason that this is the ideal place for the University Quarter. It is the birthplace of our University, in which knowledge, culture and reflection are interwoven. The campus is a logical home base for both students, staff, residents and businessmen and women in the city. It offers space for education and research of the Faculty of Humanities, as well as the University Library. Other UvA-related facilities will also be given a prominent place, such as a Congress Hall, museums, theatre and the administrative headquarters. This is why the University Quarter is the perfect meeting place for anyone interested in science, and therefore the academic centre in the heart of Amsterdam.

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A place for everyone

The new campus will be a place for anyone interested in the interface between culture and science. Interaction with the city is an inextricable element of academic life, especially in the Humanities. 

Collaboration between the various disciplines within the faculty and with society has become a matter of routine. This collaboration is conducted in many forms: from a Russian exhibition text in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and work placement positions in EYE to 3D reconstructions of Amsterdam's city centre for the Amsterdam Museum. 


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