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The Oudemanhuispoort building is one of the most distinctive buildings in the University Quarter, can be accessed through the book market (‘Oudemanhuispoort’) and has a unique historic courtyard. Part of the building is currently used by the Faculty of Humanities and the UvA's support services. The other rooms are currently being used as temporary student accommodation. Following this temporary use of the building, education will once again take pride of place within the building, which will be refurbished for this purpose. The design process for this is currently under way.

This page was last updated on 4 November 2019.

Design team for Oudemanhuispoort

The team for the Oudemanhuispoort building, led by architectural firm Frits van Dongen, has been selected. The architects were selected on the basis of their vision for the project and their action plan. 

Learn more about this vision in the full newsletter (link opens in window).

Student accommodation in Oudemanhuispoort building

The accommodation is temporary in nature because, after this period, the building will be refurbished and will, once again, primarily be used for the UvA's education and research. This development is part of the redevelopment of the University Quarter in accordance with the Master Plan ( in Dutch).

Inner garden Oudemanhuispoort