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  • What kind of building plans has the UvA for Roeterseiland Campus?

    The influx of first-year bachelor's students has grown considerably in recent years for the three faculties located at the Roeterseiland Campus. In order to keep the supply of teaching rooms in line with the larger influx of students on the Roeterseiland Campus, the UvA has investigated how supply and demand from education rooms can be brought more into balance with each other. Currently, the shortage of rooms is taken care of by means of renting rooms elsewhere in the city, for example in Carré and its lecture halls in Oudemanhuispoort are still in use. The construction of a new flexible educational building on the Roeterseiland campus contributes to a better balance between the supply and demand of educational spaces, promotes student and employee satisfaction and prevents unnecessary transport movements. In the education building, student information events and graduation ceremonies can also take place.

  • Where does the UvA want to build on the Roeterseiland campus?

    It concerns the location between the Crea building and building J/K. At this location you can now see the environmental street, a small bicycle shed and a green field.

  • Can the UvA build on the Roeterseiland campus?

    Yes, the plan allows further development, as long as the UvA remains within the contours of the plan - max 75% of arable surface - can be built on the REC. The construction of a lecture room fits within these limits.

  • How does the UvA ensure that building nuisance is limited?

    In order to limit building nuisance for campus users and local residents, mandatory agreements are made with the contractor, which are laid down in a so-called BLVC framework (accessibility, quality of life, safety and communication). This sets out how transport, waste streams, noise pollution, parking, working hours, etc. are handled during the construction period.

  • In what way are local residents involved in the construction of the lecture hall?

    As soon as the decision was taken, the local residents were first informed about the plans. They are invited to take note of the plan, to ask questions and to give suggestions to help limit building nuisance. During the entire construction period, 'news flashes' support communication with residents. Local residents with any complaints or suggestions can also contact a contact person within Real Estate Development. If you would like to send an e-mail, please send it to


  • What facilities are there in the plinth of the building along the Roeterstraat and the Nieuwe Achtergracht?

    Almost all commercial spaces are rented out. Meanwhile, restaurant Via Vai, Swapfiets and De Bakkerszonen opened their doors in mid-September. The commercial space at the Nieuwe Achtergracht is filled in by the faculty FdR. The FdR created an "LAWHUB" in this space: a vibrant co-creation space for education, research and entrepreneurship. In the LAWHUB, innovative companies, startups and socially oriented organizations work closely with the education of the FdR.

  • Will there be student residences on the Roeterseiland campus?

    At the moment there are no concrete plans for student housing on the Roeterseiland Campus. The zone plan also allows student housing. The UvA informs and involves local residents about the planning for new buildings or functional changes to buildings via the campus website, neighborhood messages and applicable public consultation procedures.