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The University Quarter is a great place for everyone with an interest in science, art and culture. The aim is to create a very special open city campus that is a shining example of what a 21st-century university can be. Few campuses are located as centrally as the University Quarter.

Never before has the university been so entangled with the city, the region and the world in both a literal and a figurative sense. That is why the University Quarter is not just a campus, but rather a social cluster – an ecosystem that is connected to the city. More than 8,500 people work study in the University Quarter, and there are some 630 residents and 70 organisations, start-ups and businesses in the area that are part of the university community.

Investing in the city 

Besides parties within the university, the community includes many other important players, including the City of Amsterdam, business owners and local residents, both the organised and committed kind and those who have not yet gotten involved.Investing in the city and creating places where students, staff, knowledge institutions and the business world physically encounter one another may lead to new ideas, the exchange of knowledge and new collaborations. These are all developments that are great for education and research, as well as for the city.

University-related businesses and institutions in the University Quarter

Amsterdam Academic Club
The Amsterdam Academic Club is the UvA's living room in the heart of Amsterdam.

Allard Pierson
The Allard Pierson Museum shares the UvA's collections with the general public and the academic world, from Egyptian antiquities to Blaeu atlases and from medieval handwriting to modern-day graphic design.

Humanities Lab AVS
This is the ideal place for those who work in the field of humanities to gain inspiration for starting their own businesses or organisations.

Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands
A research institute in the field of history and culture.

Royal Netherlands Academy for Arts and Sciences
The forum, the voice and the conscience of Dutch science.

Meertens Institute
A research institute that focuses on studying and documenting Dutch language and culture.

Prisma coffee bar
A pop-up coffee bar where you can work, study and enjoy drinks.

VOX-POP is the 'creative space' of the University's Faculty of Humanities.

Start-ups via the Humanities Lab and Ad Hoc Property Management
There is plenty of room for student entrepreneurship. The final phase will also facilitate start-ups that relate to the Faculty of Humanities.

For example, the Venture Lab Humanities for the Humanities is active at the University Quarter. This is a testing ground, in which experiments are conducted with the valorisation of business plans and research from the FGw.
Since 2015, the UvA building called "BG5", located at Oudezijds Achterburgwal 233-237 and Vendelstraat 7, has been temporarily managed by AdHoc. About forty entrepreneurs have found shelter here.

Interested as a start-up? Please contact AdHOC by e-mail:

List of Startups Humanities Lab

We would like to give space to existing and temporary initiatives that benefit the profiling of the UvA in the University Quarter. Think for example of experiments that make sustainability, flexible workplaces and the young startups succeed.
Go to the list of startups.

Flex workspaces

Humanities Lab ( € 25 per month. A condition for admission is a relationship with research staff from the faculty

Room rental for meetings, workshops and lectures
-    Humanities Lab 
-    VOX-POP (e-mail: see website for terms and conditions
-    Prisma coffee bar
-    Ad Hoc Property Management