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The Humanities Lab AVS (Amsterdam Venture Studio) is the ideal place for those who work in the field of humanities to gain inspiration for starting their own businesses or organisations. Here can you see a list of the current startups.

Startups Humanities Lab

  • Amsterdam Language Arts
  • Bureau A tot Z
  • Bureau Shout
  • CitySolutions
  • Connected Circles
  • Conservering en restauratie
  • Creatiefmetfilm
  • De taalprof
  • European Cultural Academy
  • E.C.C.
  • Flickbike
  • Interclass
  • Islam in het NL onderwijs
  • KI Culture
  • Korthom
  • Lukida
  • MadImpact
  • Media Antropologie
  • The newdutchmen
  • Het Paard – Spellen
  • Philosophical and Religious Consulting
  • Real Comics
  • Restauratie in Steen
  • Rose Design & Communication
  • Socards
  • The Dutch Italians
  • UC Books
  • Uitgeverij Lontano
  • UvA Radio
  • Vuurwerk Filosofie
  • Vertaalbureau
  • WHysker
  • ZZPeer