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The Lab: laboratory and research centre

The Lab (building L) is located across from CREA, on the other side of the water. The building interior has been converted into a laboratory and research centre, with stimulus-free rooms used in world-renowned sleep research and other projects.


The building was created by architect Hulshof in 1934, and is characterised by its monumental brick structure in austere Amsterdam School style. Efforts to underline the historic building's architectural and spatial qualities while meeting the requirements of a modern research laboratory presented a challenge during the redevelopment effort. 

The spacious central hall

Internal relocations

Babylab – the Developmental Psychology department's child research facility – is set to relocate from building G to the Lab attic in the near future. Work on building G is set to start in 2015. 

The Amazing Courtyard

A new courtyard known as “the Amazing Courtyard” is located between buildings L and G. This sheltered area has a special climate, allowing for the creation of a courtyard with rare plants. The paving was also adjusted to match the white brick ribbons applied outside the building. 

The Amazing Courtyard