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History BG5

On the Binnengasthuis premises along Vendelstraat, in 1888-1890 the Klinisch Ziekenhuis, a clinical hospital, was built. Commissioned by the Gasthuisbestuur, the hospital board, the building was designed in sober Dutch Renaissance Revival style by H. Leguyt according to a pavilion system. The building forms part of the Binnengasthuis building complex, which included a number of clinics on the Binnengasthuis premises.

Original building floor plan

The wards were located in two wings, with the west wing serving as the men's clinic and the east wing as the women's clinic. General facilities were located in the connecting section. The rounded building projection housed two lecture rooms, one above the other, which had an amphitheatre design.

In the 1980s, the University of Amsterdam filled in the space between the two long pavilions with a transparent, pyramid-shaped roof to create a new student restaurant. 

Source: Cultural Heritage Agency,