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How is the UvA working to promote sustainability?

Join the Pipe water draw-off points

The classrooms and office spaces in buildings A and B/C and all public spaces will feature Join the Pipe water draw-off points, offering users access to fresh tap water. These draw-off points will come to replace the current water coolers. An assessment will also be conducted to identify potential locations for water draw-off points at the City Centre Campus.


Sustainable energy

Thermal energy storage systems provide both heat and air conditioning: Excess warmth is stored in the ground during summer, and can then be used to heat buildings in winter. The cold stored during winter can be used to cool the building during the summer months.

Energy-efficient lighting and heating

Buildings are not lit, air conditioned or heated until there are students or employees present on the site. This helps reduce energy consumption.

Smart meters monitor energy consumption

This helps provide insight into energy consumption and allows for the more effective adjustment of energy systems. As a result, users will become more aware of their energy consumption behaviour.

Green roofs

Space for flora & fauna, absorption of toxic substances and reduction of inconvenience due to flooding. 


Quality mark for wood

Nearly all the wood used in the building is FSC-certified.

CO2 controlled ventilation system 

The Learning Centre on the Roetersstraat will be fitted with CO2 controlled ventilation systems. A sensor measures the CO2 value and will activate the flow of clean, fresh air as soon as people enter the room. This will ensure a healthy indoor climate and help conserve a large amount of energy.

Solar panels 

Solar panels generate the equivalent of the energy consumed by ten households

Thermal façade

The thermal façade on buildings A/B/C helps make optimal use of the available sunlight (solar & heat -control windows) while reducing external thermal influences from outside the building. ABC will also be equipped with an improved insulation system.

Sustainability certificate

In order to ensure that our ambitions in the area of sustainability are put into practice, the UvA mainly applies the BREEAM-NL Nieuwbouw sustainability certificate. This quality mark is comparable to the Fair Trade Max Havelaar certificate, and applies to new construction projects. 

In addition to use of the BREEAM-NL Nieuwbouw certificate, we are also assessing the potential for additional sustainability measures not covered by the quality mark. Examples include green roofs, Join the Pipe water draw-off points and LED lighting systems.