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Chapter 7 translates the principles of participation, the analysis of the area and the vision into the challenge: What interventions are needed to achieve the desired situation? Six themes are used: Identity, History and monumentality, Accessibility and use, Accessibility and logistics, Quality of life and safety, and Sustainability and greenery.
  • Identity

    The synergy between the city and the UvA comes to life in the University Quarter. There is space here for thought and action, for reflection and entrepreneurship, for learning from each other. Starting points for elaboration: 

    • There is a balance of functions 
    • There are quiet, serene spaces as well as lively spaces 
    • Encounters take place 
    • There are facilities to match the knowledge and living environment 
    • Ownership is facilitated
  • History and monumentality

    The historical structure of the University Quarter is the foundation that underpins the area’s special atmosphere. Starting points for elaboration: 

    • The courtyard structure is recognisable and reinforced 
    • The cohesion between buildings is improved (ensembles) 
    • Buildings are well connected to the public space 
    • Buildings and the public space can be adapted to the demands of tomorrow
  • Accessibility and use

    The University Quarter sees intensive use, but also allows for relaxation and privacy. Starting points for elaboration: 

    • There are connections with the environment that are easy to find 
    • The entrances/gates ensure appropriate behaviour 
    • It is clear whether spaces are public, semi-public or private 
    • Self-management is actively supported
  • Accessibility and logistics

    In the University Quarter everything is easily accessible, but with an eye for the vulnerability of the centuries-old area and the tranquillity that characterises it. Starting points for elaboration:

    • The pedestrian has priority here, while not being an overly dominant presence 
    • There are through routes for bicycles, with conditions 
    • Bicycles are parked on private property 
    • Supplying and waste collection take place at the edges 
    • Waterways are used for logistics, supplying and waste collection
    • Road safety is ensured 
  • Quality of life and safety

    In the University Quarter we work together to ensure that we can all enjoy studying, living, working, doing business and relaxing here. Starting points for elaboration: 

    • Quality of life comes first 
    • Quality of life is actively managed 
    • Crowds are managed 
    • The University Quarter is a safe area 
  • Sustainability and greenery

    The University Quarter is proof that a centuries-old city can be sustainable too. Starting points for elaboration: 

    • We strive towards collective sustainability and energy neutrality 
    • Circularity is of great importance
    • Buildings and public spaces are climate-proof 
    • New forms of sustainability are tried out
    • There is abundant greenery 
    • The greenery serves clear purposes