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Nieuwe onderwijsruimte na verbouwing

A recess for a window in the façade was already cut in May. This was a test to determine the degree of inconvenience caused by this work. The test was carried out with a diamond drill and a diamond-blade saw. This caused damage inside the building due to the large amount of water needed to cool this type of saw. In addition, this method involved extra work by requiring the removal of ducting, among other things. The work also produced quite a bit of noise, both inside and outside. Based partly on these findings, a different approach using a band saw has now been adopted. This is also the quietest method for cutting recesses. The use of this saw has now been tested at REC J/K.

Because this method involves much less noise impact and other inconvenience than other sawing methods, the work can be spread out over time. There will be no summer peak of sawing work as previously announced.

Start of the work
The cutting of the recesses for the windows will run in parallel with other work (phased by building section). This means that work on the first recesses will start in October.

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