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The next few years will see a major redevelopment of the University Quarter. One of the projects involves linking the Bushuis and the Oost-Indisch Huis building together, both externally and internally. As of academic year 2022-2023, all the Faculty of Humanities labs will be located in the Bushuis: a physical pooling of experimental research to encourage cross-pollination and pooling of expertise. The Bushuis will provide space for fundamental experiments and for research-intensive education, as well as knowledge transfer.

The project is now in full swing and the building will be ready in the summer as planned. The most visible transformation is taking place on the ground floor. The former study spaces are being replaced with a workshop space, plus a lounge. The workshop space can also be used for exhibitions and (podium) presentations.

Less visible but no less significant are the changes that are being implemented elsewhere in the building. The various Labs have specific wishes and requirements. The Speech Lab on the ground floor, for example, will have two huge soundproof speech cabins. The relocation of these speech cabins from the P.C. Hoofthuis building to the Bushuis will take almost a month (dismantling, transportation in parts through the city centre and reassembly in the Bushuis). The rooms for Conservation & Restoration on the second floor will have fume cupboards, cupboards for chemicals, extractor fans and power outlets coming out of the ceiling, and these must also be movable. This is no easy task in a historic building of this kind. The contractors are expected to be highly inventive and to work closely together.

Things are going well. With the exception of a few mechanical components, everything is on time and the relocations have been scheduled and are in preparation.

Roos Bendien from BRIQUE architects is responsible for the colourful design of this space and the associated lounge. She was also responsible for the interior design of the building at Binnengasthuisstraat 9 (BG3), which has accommodated the Faculty Office and Board and VOX-POP since the spring.

Interior design: Roos Bendien from BRIQUE architects
Inside wall of workshop space