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For the past few months, the UvA has been working hard to move the bicycle parking facility beside the Faculty of Science’s Science Park 904 building to its new location, beside the building’s main entrance. The bicycle parking facility had to be moved to make room for the construction of the faculty’s new co-creation building, LAB42. The facility is now ready for use.

Bicycle parking facility from above
Bicycle parking facility from above. Photographer: Kick Maurer

The new bicycle parking facility beside the main entrance can accommodate 1600 bicycles. The facility is easily accessible from the intersection of MacGillavrylaan and Science Park (Kruislaan) when heading towards Building SP904. Both single and double-sided racks have been installed, along with eight charging stations for electric bicycles, with four sockets each. Aside from bicycles, part of the facility is reserved for parking scooters, cargo bikes, motorcycles and other special two-wheelers. For staff and students who want to park their bicycle, scooter, motorcycle or cargo bike in a locked area, a suitable location is available; access is through a locked access gate that can be opened with your UvA ID card. 'Bicycle coaches' will be on hand to answer questions and give advice about parking your bicycle.

Additional options for parking your bicycle

From January, an additional 250 bicycle parking spaces will be available beside the Universum USC, allowing staff and students who enter the Science Park from the other side to park their bicycles close by. You can also park your bicycle under Faculty of Science Building F. This parking facility has two charging stations with two sockets each and is partially covered.

What is happening in the field next to the bicycle parking facility?

The UvA has started developing the space adjoining the new bicycle parking facility. Over the next few months, the grassed areas will be modified and redeveloped as a park-like campus space for students and staff. A design sketch has been created and is serving as inspiration for the development of the area. Ideas include picnic tables, insect hotels, barbecue areas, wildflower meadows and seats made from concrete and wood. First and foremost, the design is intended to boost biodiversity and recreational options at the Amsterdam Science Park. The options are currently being reviewed to see what is actually possible. Faculty of Science students have contributed their thoughts on the planning and design of the area.

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Photographer: Kick Maurer
Photographer: Kick Maurer