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Welcome at LAB42

On 31 October the Executive Board of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) issued its final authorisation to Benthem Crouwel Architects for the construction of Building LAB42 at Amsterdam Science Park. The architects presented a soundly based design vision which also offers enough freedom for creating a building that will fit the goals of the University of Amsterdam and the various building users. ‘An accessible and transparent building, in which staff, students and business people will feel at home – a vital and inspiring base for research, education and value creation in the information sciences. With its innovative character, scientific relevance and pioneering research, LAB42 is a place for emerging talent and this deserves a unique design. It is both a challenge and a pleasure to work on this project’, say the architects about their design vision.

Design for LAB42

Study places and sockets constitute students' main wishes

Willemijn Beks (24), a final-year Bachelor's student of Artificial Intelligence, knows Science Park inside out. She has been advising on wishes for the new building.

For Willemijn, the consultation process will have achieved its objective if the new building ends up with the same atmosphere as the main building on Science Park. 'That building is nice and accessible and has a relaxed vibe. You can go there to study, meet, chill out with a cup of coffee, have lunch or use the bar for study association drinks.'

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The new science building is a journey of discovery’

Joost Vos, architect and partner at Benthem Crouwel Architects, is responsible for the design of LAB42. The new science building is a journey of discovery, with robotics lab on the ground floor, a drone cage next to the entrance and trees that reach the third floor. These are only a few of the striking wishes that have been incorporated into the building's Provisional Design (PD). Read more >>

New name revealed! 

At the beginning of this year we asked all employees of the Faculty of Science to come up with a name for the new building. Some 35 names were nominated, from which IvI and ILLC colleagues chose a shortlist of five names. This shortlist was then administratively and legally (trademark law) checked, after which two names remained: LAB42 and SP xxx (= finally house number known September 2019).

Until May 15, employees and students of the Faculty of Science have been able to vote for their favorite name for the new building. The definitive name was announced on Thursday 16 May during the presentation of the new design.

And the name is: LAB42!

Explanation of the name:
LAB refers to the vision of the architect: "This is not an ordinary beta building but a mixture between a workplace, a shed, a library, a laboratory, a club, an office, a....what isn't it?" LAB also literally stands for a breeding ground or laboratory in the field of information sciences. The number 42 is well known by information scientists: namely the answer to the ultimate question about life, the universe and everything (from: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).


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Presentation design LAB42

On Thursday 16 May, the architect of Benthem and Crouwel presented the design of the new UvA building in the Night Studio of the Start Up Village at Amsterdam Science Park. Were you not there and still curious? Then view the presentation via the link or scan the QR code and walk around in the new building!

Tendering process for interior architect underway

Together with UvA Real Estate Development (HO) and the University Library (UB) and Facility Services (FS), the Faculty of Science has begun the tendering process for the new building's interior architect. The bids received from the various architects are assessed by an evaluation committee with representatives from the Faculty, HO, FS and the UB. The interior architect who ultimately opted for the new building has become Studio Groen + Schild.The interior architect will then draw up the interior design for the new building in consultation with Benthem Crouwel Architects and the users.

Planning and progress  

We are now commencing the design process, which will take up roughly a year. In summer 2019 the UvA will submit the application for the physical environment permit for Building LAB42. Delivery of the building is planned for early 2022.

Stay informed  

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