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The new University Library will open its doors on the Binnengasthuis grounds in 2021. What are the next steps in this realisation process? And in which period will they take place? A general overview of the planned construction can be found below.

Here you can see the detailed schedule, including references to additional information.

Building activities

Period (implementation through realisation) *

Additional information and comments

Design, including optimisation and adjustments

December 2017 through August 2018


Stripping and asbestos removal

February through November 2018

Preliminary asbestos investigation BG13/14

Results will impact start of work on roof construction.

Environmental research

February 2018

Environmental research BG13/14 (Dutch)

Measures to protect flora and fauna

February through April 2018

Measures to protect flora and fauna BG13/14 (Dutch)

Sheet piling, soil decontamination and substructure

April 2018 through April 2019


Environmental supervision

November through December 2018


Archaeological investigation

November through December 2018


Atrium roof construction



Construction and installation



Finishing work and furnishing



Relocation of UB


UB Opening



*    This schedule is intended to provide an indication of the planning for work during the period fromimplementation throughrealisation; it will be updated as changes occur. As such, no rights can be derived from this schedule. All work will be carried out by or under the supervision of specialised parties. Because the UvA applies a tendering model for such projects, any acquisition based on this schedule is not appropriate.