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University Quarter


In realising the new UB, participation is a key area for attention. The UvA is developing the building with and for its staff and students; in doing so, it attaches great value to the input received from them.

Ongoing participation

The members of the University Quarter Project group include representatives from the Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR) and the Central Student Council (CSR). This ensures both CMR and CSR are involved in planning and decision-making regarding the new UB at an early stage.

Participation opportunities

The UvA is actively encouraging other staff and students to engage in various forms of participation – ranging from surveys to interviews – for the purpose of obtaining input.

In spring of 2017, for instance, the entire academic community was approached regarding the decision on the location for the new library. Then, in early 2018, students were asked about their wishes in connection with study places in the 'Study Places Tinder' survey. Lecturers at the Faculty of Humanities have been asked to help contribute ideas for the multifunctional lecture room.

Various meetings and events concerning the design of the interior will be held in spring 2018. The respective target groups will be provided with further details once these dates are known. Library staff may also visit the HUB intranet and subscribe to receive news about these meetings.