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University Quarter

Shell design

University Library

The design of the new University Library, created by architects MVSA and Van Stigt, connects two historic buildings by means of a glass roof. On the side facing the Nieuwe Doelenstraat, a new wing will be added to expand the whole. The result will be a new, architecturally unique and modern academic building that will double as both a library and meeting place with international appeal. The new library will constitute - in addition to our educational facilities - one of the two main focal points of our campus.

Design of the University Library

The new UB will be a distinctive modern library: a central place within the University Quarter to meet and exchange knowledge, where research, education and learning converge. In 2017, it was decided that the design by MVSA Architects and Architectenbureau J. van Stigt, consisting of a combination of renovation and new construction, would be realised. The design consists of a shell component and an interior component. What does the design look like?

Scenario A entree UB
Entrance Vendelstraat
Scenario A impressie atrium UB


The main entrance will include the former ambulance entrance, which will be mirrored. This will create a broad view from the Vendelstraat through to the atrium.

Hospital wards

The size and ceiling height of the original hospital wards will be preserved. Mezzanines will be added to the wards to make optimum use of the wall space for storing books.

New construction

On the Nieuwe Doelenstraat side, a new construction project will connect the two historic buildings with one another. With public functions such as café and study rooms located here on the transparent façade, this will be the face the UB presents to the city.


scenario A doorsnede UB


The interior design will take the historic character of the building into account wherever possible; authentic details will remain visible and a muted colour palette will be applied. The design for the interior is expected to be completed in summer 2018.