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University Quarter

City Centre University Library

The University Library (UB) is moving from its location on the Singel and in the P.C. Hoofthuis to the University Quarter. The new location for the UB is in the Tweede Chirurgische Kliniek and Zusterhuis buildings on the Binnengasthuis grounds (also known as BG13/14). The new UB is scheduled for delivery in 2022 and will become a vital part of the City Centre Campus for both University of Amsterdam (UvA) students and employees, where education and research will converge.

This page was last updated on 4 November 2019.


With facilities including 950 study places, 80 workstations, 7 kilometres of books, study rooms and lecture halls, tutorial spaces and an underground bicycle parking facility, the new University Library will meet some of the key requirements of the Faculty of Humanities, while contributing to campus development.

Scenario A impressie atrium UB
Impression atrium library


The design of the new University Library, created by architects MVSA and Van Stigt, connects the two historic buildings by means of a glass roof. The new, architecturally unique and modern academic building will double as both a library and meeting place with international appeal. The emphasis will be on learning, encounters and interaction. The new library will constitute – in addition to our educational facilities – one of the two main focal points of our campus.

scenario A impressie boeken en studiezaal UB
Impression study area and books UB


From 2022 the new library will be delivered on the Binnengasthuis site, in the former convent and the second surgical clinic. From now untill the opening various developments will take place. A general overview of the planned construction can be found in the schedule.


Both Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR) and the Central Student Council (CSR) are involved in planning and decision-making regarding the new UB at an early stage.The UvA is actively encouraging other staff and students to engage in various forms of participation – ranging from surveys to interviews – for the purpose of obtaining input.

Scenario A entree UB
Impression entrance library
scenario A doorsnede UB
Impressie section UB