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Allard Pierson

The Allard Pierson Museum and the Special Collections officially joined forces in January 2019 under the name the Allard Pierson. This new name is part of a wider strategy to generate greater support and engagement, both within the UvA and externally. As a result, the Allard Pierson on Oude Turfmarkt is currently being refurbished and expanded to ensure that the museum building is perfectly aligned with the strategy for the Allard Pierson Museum and Special Collections. The refurbishment was completed in March 2020.

For more information on the Allard Pierson, see the website:

Function and facilities

To strengthen the public function, improve routing and make the public facilities more accessible, an extension was built on the side of the Turfdraagsterpad. This extension made the plaster attic and the mezzanine floor accessible to the public. The functional improvement of the building means that the public facilities (entrance area, toilets, cloakroom) that are necessary to meet today's requirements have been realised.

This extension within the existing building lines has four floors. The renovation and infill have improved the public facilities (entrance area, toilets, cloakroom) necessary to meet contemporary demands. The infill has also made the plaster attic and mezzanine floor accessible to individual visitors.

Components of the renovation
The renovation project comprises the following elements:

  • The so-called infill of the museum; intended to strengthen the public function (improve access, open up the building, public facilities)
  • Additional architectural modifications; these are intended to use and connect the two buildings more efficiently (including an extra staircase, teaching rooms, Allard Pierson Live)
  • Renewal of the security system; this was necessary due to the higher demands placed on the safety of the collection and the building.
Allard Pierson, Oude Turfmarkt 127-129


Atelier PRO has designed the extension for the Allard Pierson. The starting point for the proposed redevelopment is that the existing building should be optimised logistically, taking into account its building-historical and architectural qualities.

Transparent space
An extra space will be created 'behind' the former museum entrance at 127 Oude Turfmarkt. This space will be placed on top of an existing building that does not go beyond the ground floor, within the existing building line. The use of steel and glass creates a transparent space within the building. The extra space, divided over four floors, connects existing spaces in the building, allowing visitors to follow a clear and more compact route through the collection presentations.

The monumental entrance of the former Nederlandsche Bank at 127 Oude Turfmarkt will be given back its original appearance. The entrance hall will serve as a freely accessible area. By removing the draught gate that was placed there when the museum opened in 1976, the metres-high monumental doors will once again be functional and visible from the street. The museum reception desk will be relocated to the first floor.

Allard Pierson Live
Simultaneously with the realisation of the new building, 'Allard Pierson Live' will be created on the first floor at the front of the building. This will be the free zone where archaeological, cartographic, theatrical and musical collections will be presented and where interaction with the public will take place. The ArcheoHotspot that has already been developed will be located here, as well as the shop and an opportunity to drink coffee. The renovations will give the entire building a more 'open' character and a clear connection with the public space of the Oude Turfmarkt.

History Allard Pierson

The building at 127 Oude Turfmarkt was originally built as the headquarters of the Nederlandsche Bank. Architect W.A. Froger designed the building, which opened on 10 May 1869. It was praised for its 'stout and upright character' and later described as 'a product that dominates an extremely difficult corner situation opposite the wide Rokin without being out of place'.

From bank to museum
In 1954 the Nederlandsche Bank decided to move to a new main building on Frederiksplein. The old building was later bought by the University of Amsterdam, which made it available to the Allard Pierson Museum. Designer Dick Elffers converted the bank building into a new museum that opened its doors on 6 October 1976. In 2010, the space for temporary exhibitions was rebuilt and tripled. The restoration of the former registry room took place in 2012. This room, with furniture by Amsterdam School architect Philip Warners, is now used as the Collectors' Room.

Link between Allard Pierson Museum and Special Collections
In 2007, the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam moved from the Singel to 129 Oude Turfmarkt, right next to the Allard Pierson Museum. Before that, the building was completely renovated, also by Atelier PRO at the time.