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Q&A on temporary student housing at Oudemanhuispoort

Since March 2019, part of Oudemanhuispoort has been temporarily transformed into housing for 80 students. Renovation of Oudemanhuispoort is expected to begin in 2022, after which the Faculty of Humanities will move in. See the Q&A below for the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please email

  • How many rooms are being let out?

    Although initially the intention was to create 190 rooms, after consultation with local residents, and in light of the University of Amsterdam's wish to keep teaching and residential building areas separate, ultimately this became 80.

  • How long will the rooms be let out?

    The City of Amsterdam has given the University of Amsterdam permission to let out rooms for up to four years, based on the Vacant Property Act (Leegstandwet)

  • What will the buildings be used for after being let out to students?

    After the letting period ends, the buildings will be renovated and prepared for use either by the Faculty of Humanities or the central University of Amsterdam organisation. Plans for the buildings will begin to be drawn up this year. In 2024, the renovated buildings should be ready for use, forming part of the University Quarter.

  • How is DUWO supervising how rooms are used?

    DUWO caretakers supervise room use and are always prepared to answer any queries or respond to comments that local residents may have during office hours on weekdays. DUWO has also appointed student caretakers, who are there to answer any student queries and deal with any students not abiding by the rules that have been agreed upon.

  • As a local resident, who can I turn to with questions, comments or complaints?

    If you have any questions regarding building management, you can contact the DUWO social caretaker by calling +31 (0)20 543 1132 or +31 (0)6 2036 5012. The student caretaker living at Oudemanhuispoort is also available outside office hours. Local residents in neighbouring buildings have received the contact details of the student caretaker.

    Please note the following: The application procedure for student housing is online at and does not take place via the social caretaker or student caretaker.