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Current function and facilities

Among the projects forming part of the University Quarter development is the major renovation and upgrade of the BG3 building at Binnengasthuisstraat 9. This building has a gross floor area (GFA) in the region of 2,800 m2. The building comprises a historic section measuring some 1,400 m2 GFA and a new extension dating to the early 1990s of approximately 1,400 m2 GFA. What is the current function of the building? What will this be in future?

Current function and facilities

The BG3 building currently houses:

  • VOX-POP: this is the creative space of the Faculty of Humanities (FGw). It started out in 2015 as a pop-up location for cultural programming, when vacant University spaces were being used for this purpose. By now, VOX-POP as a creative space has become a fixture in the new University Quarter. Read more about it at;
  • Humanities Lab AVS (Amsterdam Venture Studio): this is the place for staff, PhD candidates and alumni of the Faculty of Humanities to develop ideas for starting their own business or organisation. Everything revolves around inspiration, innovation and impact. Click here for more information;
  • Various start-ups: the Humanities Lab AVS (Amsterdam Venture Studio) rents out spaces in the building to young entrepreneurs;
  • UvA Real Estate Development and Facility Services (local).

Future function and facilities

In future, BG3 will probably be home to the staff and the Education Desks of the Faculty of Humanities, as the current building is unable to accommodate them and is not future-proof in its current form.

Based on the programme, the urban design vision and the Urban Design Master Plan, future designs for the building are being investigated, which will all be based on the premise of retaining the historic section. A design procedure is set to start shortly.