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The development of the University Quarter

The Faculty of Humanities (FGw) and the University Library (UB) are currently based in several different buildings spread across the city centre. The development of the University Quarter will ensure not only that FGw and the UB are close to each other but also that the existing UvA buildings can be used more effectively. The creation of this campus therefore requires the (re)development of the UvA buildings and the public space and, in some cases, also a redistribution of functions and facilities.

The University Quarter will be a place for anyone interested in the interface between culture and science. Education, research, valorisation and interaction are central to the campus, as is academic and public debate. Interaction with the city is an inextricable element of academic life, especially in the Humanities. Collaboration and synergy between the Faculty’s different disciplines, with society and external partners and associated institutions is taken as read.

Over the coming period, the focus will be on three projects:

  1. The development of the new University Library
  2. The refurbishment of the Allard Pierson
  3. The Strategic Master plan for the University Quarter

The development of the new UB

The University Library (UB) is moving from Singel and the PC Hoofthuis building to the University Quarter. Here, we are renovating the former Binnengasthuis Hospital and combining this with a new wing to form a single building for the library. The University Library will open in 2023 and will become one of the main attractions of the campus.

Refurbishment of the Allard Pierson

The Allard Pierson on Oude Turfmarkt is currently being refurbished and expanded to ensure that the museum building is perfectly aligned with the strategy for the Allard Pierson Museum and Special Collections. The refurbishment started in the first quarter of 2019 and is due to be completed by the end 2019.

University Quarter Strategic Master Plan

The University Quarter is a special area. It will house the Faculty of Humanities, the University administration, the University Library, ceremonial spaces, the Allard Pierson and Spui25. It will be the UvA’s calling card and its beating heart. It is also our birthplace and the cradle of science in Amsterdam. Our aim in locating the Faculty of Humanities and several scientific institutes here is to strengthen the humanities cluster by 2030, allowing our students to make optimal use of the knowledge that has been available for so long in this field. 

This decision also presents some challenges. How can we make our monumental buildings meet the modern requirements of a university in a sustainable way? How can we safeguard the quality of life of the immediate environment? Major renovations and modifications will be needed to accommodate all wishes and requirements. By taking an integral approach we can structure the area in such a way as to make a valuable addition to the beautiful city centre. 

Read more about this in the Strategic Master Plan