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This month, the design process for both the Oudemanhuispoort (OMHP) and BG5 will begin. The proposed architects for each building have been selected. While the team led by architectural firm Frits van Dongen has been selected for the OMHP, the team led by architectural firm Ector Hoogstad has been selected for BG5. These architects were both selected due to their vision of the project and action plan. The design process will last through 2020. After this time, the work on the buildings will commence.


Once complete, the OMHP will be a sustainable building – both technically and in terms of its use – where various disciplines are housed. There will also be space for study places, large lecture halls and offices for support services.

Building BG5 will be the central education building on campus. It will house the education and research activities by the Faculty of Humanities. The building will include large lecture halls, study places as well as a facility for food and drinks.

Oudemanhuispoort design team vision

The team led by Frits van Dongen briefly explains its vision: ‘In our proposal, we return to the building structure from 1757. With monumental buildings and the subtle addition of new construction, this city campus will visibly and tangibly be home to the history and future of the UvA as the leading academic centre in the heart of Amsterdam. The interior of the complex will be bright with attractive sight lines, while the layout will be flexible and future-proof. We are designing a highly sustainable complex, which applies to the new construction as well as the monumental building sections.’

Architecture Design OMHP
Design Oudemanhuispoort (OMHP)

BG5 design team vision

Ector Hoogstad describes the team’s vision as follows: ‘We see BG5 as a key project due to its central location, shared function and the rare opportunity to give passers-by on the Binnengasthuis site a glimpse “inside” the university. BG5 will provide the opportunity and space for the Faculty of Humanities – which focuses on so many socially relevant issues – to connect with the outside world in a meaningful way. This place can be part of a public area where academia and the city meet, with space for debate, discussion and social engagement – a place that also represents the valorisation of the discipline itself.’


Inside the University Library
Artist Impression University Library
Artist Impression design BG5


The design phases will begin in September. These designs will be developed with the involvement of a broad representation from the disciplines to be housed in the buildings, who will take part in project teams, theme-based groups, focus groups and task forces. Throughout the entire process, we will communicate through various channels such as presentations, walk-in consultation hours and newsletters.

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