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Progress construction work LAB42

The realisation of LAB42 will take approximately two years. We provide proactive information about the activities through the website, the newsletter and news items. An up-to-date overview of the construction work can be read below:

By Monique Kooijmans
Construction work LAB42

Building work at LAB42

Work is progressing well at LAB42. All the work platforms have been removed and the transformers have been put into place. The glass has also been delivered and is being placed on the first floor and ground floor. Inside, work is being carried out on the ground floor, first and second floors. Among other things, the metal stud walls are being installed here. Doors have already been installed on the sixth floor; things are going really fast there. The installer is also working on cable and pipe ducts. During the Christmas holiday (25 December to 9 January), most of the work will come to a standstill; only the installer will still be in the building, working on a number of things during week 1-2022.

Building work at Matrix One

De Vries and Verburg are working hard to make Matrix ONE windproof and waterproof. The atrium roof has now been installed and the façades have been closed. After a week of Christmas holidays, the installation of the final façade finish will begin in the first week of the new year. The dismantling of/in Matrix ONE will also start at this point.

Construction work for the thermal energy sources for Matrix ONE is going well. The drilling of the wells has been completed and the system will be connected during the course of next year.  

If you would like more information or have questions about the construction of LAB42 or Matrix ONE, please feel free to contact the Area Manager, Simon de Roo, via