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Progress construction work LAB42

The realisation of LAB42 will take approximately two years. We provide proactive information about the activities through the website, the newsletter and news items. An up-to-date overview of the construction work can be read below:

Construction work LAB42

Below is a brief update on the work of LAB42 and Matrix One. For both projects, there will be no work on Ascension Day and the day after (13 and 14 May) and Whit Monday (24 May). 

Building work at LAB42

A lot of height has been added to LAB42 recently. There have been some nightly transports and construction is now in full swing again.

The structure will continue to rise towards its highest point, which is expected to be reached in the summer. During this period, work will also be carried out on the upper floors. This activity is not expected to cause any disruption. 

Building work at Matrix One

Recently, the building work has focused on excavating the basement, pouring the basement floor and installing the basement walls. In addition, all the temporary sheet piling has been removed again.

In the coming weeks, work will mainly focus on the foundation and in May, a start will be made on the construction of the shell of Matrix One. These works will not have a big impact on the surrounding area and are not fexpected to generate noise nuisance or other nuisance.

More information

If you would like more information or have questions about the construction of LAB42, please feel free to contact the Area Manager, Simon de Roo, via