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Plans for the outdoor space at Roeterseiland Campus

Landscaping work began in June 2014. This is a large-scale project aimed at creating an open and attractive outdoor area for students, staff, local residents and visitors. The work will continue until the summer of 2017 and will affect everyone on and around the campus.

The work is being carried out in phases, in order to ensure that teaching activities can continue uninterrupted and to keep all buildings accessible for students and staff. Sufficient bicycle parking will also be available throughout the work.

Four phases of the project have been completed so far: the circular route for suppliers between Buildings B/C/D and J/K has been completed, the square in front of Building E at Roetersstraat 11 has been repaved and new street furniture installed and the section of Nieuwe Prinsengracht alongside Building G and Nieuwe Achtergracht have also been repaved and the little Green Nose park on the corner has a new layout, new green space and concrete benches. The quay on the nothside of the Nieuwe Achtergracht was finished last January and the southside will be completed in July.

Outdoor area for Building E at Roetersstraat 11 is completed.

What are we working on?

The work is nearly completed, most of the outdoor areas have been repaved and redesigned. Until July 2017 the contractor will be working on the southside of the campus in front of building A, alongside the canal, creating an attractive outdoor area.

What was the vision behind the design of the outdoor space?

The outdoor space plays a prominent role in the development of the Roeterseiland Campus. There have been consultations between local residents and  Inside Outside on several occasions during the past few years. Inside Outside has translated the vision into a beautiful design. The vision for the new outdoor area is based on creating greater cohesion between the individual buildings of the Roeterseiland Campus and a better connection with the city environment. Achieving a new identity for the outdoor space goes hand in hand with creating an area that is pleasant to be in, even at the weekend. Lines of white marker stones will provide a subtle guide, leading to the various buildings as well as tempting people to take a different route. Numerous seating areas in open, green surroundings will invite more people to use the outdoor space and evoke the atmosphere of downtown Amsterdam. 

The completed landscaping.

Let us know

Please let us know if you think we have forgotten anything or you feel there is anything we could do better (e.g. regarding signage or closed-off areas). We will take your feedback into account in subsequent phases. You can contact our Area Manager, Anne van den Eijnden.