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March 2015: What are we working on?

In March, we are continuing the work on buildings A and E and re-landscaping the outdoor areas. Below you will find details of the work and any inconvenience or nuisance it may cause.

Weekly schedule for work on building A

You can find a weekly schedule for work on building A here (in dutch). It is a provisional schedule and may change due to a variety of factors.

Building A, Roetersstraat 15, future building of the Faculty of Law

Crane removal 

In the first week of March, we will be removing the final remnants of the base of the large crane that was recently dismantled. The steel base is held down by concrete, which means that its removal may cause noise disruption. 


The crane between buildings A and B/C/D has been removed; we are now removing its base.

Tower: clearing and cleaning

All the façade panels on the tower (high-rise building) are now in place. Almost all the work in the tower has now been completed, with the exception of clearing and cleaning.

Removal of lower sections of façade and weatherproofing work

In early March, we will remove the façade sections on the ground floor and first floor of the podium on the south side (to the rear of the residential building on Sarphatistraat). This may cause some inconvenience for local residents and users of the nearby offices. Shortly after that, we will fit new façade panels. We will also be weatherproofing the façades on the other side of this low-rise section of the building. This work is expected to last until early June.

Erection of steel structure for large hall and fitting of sheet roofing

In March, we will continue work on the construction of the central hall between buildings A and B/C/D. The steel structure will be completed and the roof will be fitted with steel sheeting. This is in the close vicinity of building B/C/D and may cause some disruption. At the end of March, we will be fitting the façade and roof sheets for the entrance of the central hall.


In March, we are completing the steel structure of the central hall between buildings A and B/C/D and fitting steel sheeting on the roof.

Temporary roofing for low-rise building

Starting on around 23 March, we will be fitting the temporary roofing on the lower section of building A and the central hall. This is needed to close the building off to the wind and rain during the period when no contractor will be working there.

Office refitting in Building E, Roetersstraat 11, Faculty of Economics and Business

Internal renovations 

Internal renovation work is taking place in building E. In March, we will be completing the renovations in the lowest tower - tower E3 - in order to enable teaching to resume and staff to return to the building from 1 April. In towers E1 and E2, we are currently updating the climate control system, electrics and data cabling. Plastering and painting work is also taking place. We expect to complete renovations in towers E1 and E2 before the start of the academic year 2015/16. Most of the work will be indoors. We therefore expect little inconvenience for the surrounding area. 


The three white towers of building E (FEB) are being renovated internally.

Use of mobile crane for deliveries and removals

The occasional use of a mobile crane will be necessary in building E2 to remove rubble and deliver construction materials. We are scheduling this to take place on consecutive days in order to reduce disruption to a minimum. There will also be additional freight traffic. Traffic managers will be in place to ensure that cyclists and pedestrians can pass safely. They may ask you to stop and get off your bicycle for safety reasons. It is still possible to use the underground cycle park under building E. 

During the unloading of rubble from building E, the noise caused by large iron containers may cause some disruption.

Installation of seating on square in front of building E, Roetersstraat 11

From 9 March, we will be giving the square in front of building E a makeover by installing a variety of seating facilities, including a bench around the trees. Although the work area will be cordoned off, we do not expect any inconvenience.

Re-landscaping outdoor area at Nieuwe Prinsengracht and Nieuwe Achtergracht

New cables, pipelines and paving

We are making improvements to the outdoor area of the campus, both underground (cables and pipelines) and above ground. We are replacing the old paving with new to match the design by Bureau Inside Outside and we are creating more meeting places. The white line patterns in the new paving will ensure that the different campus buildings are more effectively connected. 

Removal of brick paving and walls

In March, we will be removing the brick paving and there will be digging work on the side of Nieuwe Prinsengracht along building G. We will also demolish the low walls in the Green Nose, the little park that forms the tip of the quay. Altogether, this work along Nieuwe Prinsengracht and in the park is expected to continue until May.
This work may cause some disruption to teaching still taking place in building G up to April. In early May, we will continue on the canal side next to Nieuwe Achtergracht in front of building L.

The Green Nose park.

 Canal side in front of building G cordoned off

The canal side in front of building G has been cordoned off up to and including the park. The diversion for pedestrians and cyclists via the square between buildings E and G/L is signposted. A temporary footpath leading to the entrance has been created for students and teaching staff who need to be in building G for teaching. From 1 April, there will be no more teaching in building G. The bicycle racks on the canal side in front of G have been removed. Alternative bicycle parking facilities are available under building E. 

Replanting of trees

Later in the year, we will be planting new trees to replace those that were recently removed. American sweet gum trees will be planted along Nieuwe Prinsengracht. Dutch elm will be planted along the canal in the north of Nieuwe Achtergracht. These trees will be of the same size as those previously planted in front of the CREA building. Various species will be planted in the square, including flowering magnolias.

Renovation of offices and teaching rooms in building G, Nieuwe Prinsengracht, Psychology

From March to December 2015, building G will be thoroughly refurbished in order to make it suitable for the psychology department of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. The building will be fitted out in January and February 2016. The psychology department will move in in March 2016.