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On 24 November the contractor is felling a number of trees between buildings J/K and B/C and on Nieuwe Achtergracht. This work may cause some noise nuisance. In order to keep nuisance to a minimum, the trees will be sawn into sections and removed from the campus before being shredded.


The felling of these trees is necessary for the re-landscaping of the outdoor area to make it a pleasant place for staff, students and local residents to work, study and live in. The felled trees will be replaced at some point in the future. The new trees will have more space and better soil. A permit for the felling was approved in 2014.

The re-landscaping work began in June 2014. The outdoor areas on the campus are being re-landscaped and below-ground work is now being carried out on pipes and cables. In early November, the contractor started work on the southern half of the campus, between Nieuwe Achtergracht and Valckenierstraat, beginning with the street with the barrier by Building J/K. Curious how the outdoor area will look once the work has been completed?