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Two designs for a University Library

In early September, the steering committee decided that the location of the new University Library (UB) had to be chosen in the short term, either on the Oudemanhuispoort premises or in the Zusterhuis and the Tweede Chirurgische Kliniek on the Binnengasthuis premises. The final location for the University Library will form the hub around which the rest of the City Centre Campus will revolve.

Consulting the academic community

In order for the academic community to make a well-informed decision on the new location of the University Library, it is necessary to create two comparable draft designs. A draft design has already been made for the University Library on the Binnengasthuis premises. A feasibility study was done last year on the University Library on the Oudemanhuispoort premises. A draft design will be created based on this study in the coming weeks. According to current planning, the two draft designs will be presented to the academic community in the first quarter of 2017. Through various meetings and communications, the academic community will be informed on the two possible locations for the University Library, which will allow them to choose one of the locations. The Executive Board will ultimately decide on the final location.

Permit procedure for University Library on the Binnengasthuis premises

Plans for a University Library on the Binnengasthuis premises have existed for some time already. A number of municipal procedures have already been set in motion and completed for this design in the past. For example, an integrated physical environment permit (omgevingsvergunning) was already obtained for the building in the summer of 2015.

Published by  Real Estate Development

13 December 2016