Timeline for new City Centre University Library decision.

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16 March 2017 

Kick-off meeting Start of consultative procedure concerning UB location. The consultation process will be explained and attendees will have an opportunity to speak with Geert ten Dam and Kees van Ast (Executive Board), Gerard Nijsten (FGw), Maria Heijne (University Library) and Cees van der Wolf (Real Estate Development).
16 March through 13 April 2017 Exhibition

An exhibition about the University Library at VOX-POP (Binnengasthuisstraat 9) on the City Centre Campus. It will offer additional information on the two designs and the process itself.

16 March through 13 April 2017 Participation in online platform

What do you consider important for a University Library? Via the online platform, you can share your opinion, join in discussion and ask questions about the two potential locations for the University Library. You can register for focus groups via the platform as well.

late March 2017 Consideration by external urban planning adviser

Koen van Velsen, an independent external urban planning adviser, will examine both designs for the University Library.*

first half of April 2017 Focus groups

Focus groups will be organised based on established themes, as well as themes that have frequently come to the fore on the online platform. During these focus group discussions, the themes will be explored in greater depth in connection with the University Library.

late April 2017 Evaluation by test group

A test group will evaluate both designs for the University Library on the basis of previously-established evaluation criteria.** This group will include representatives of direct stakeholders from the City Centre Campus.

11 May 2017 Advice to Executive Board on UB location

The City Centre Campus steering group will submit its advice on the University Library location to the Executive Board on the basis of:
1. The results of the consultation with the academic community***
2. The analysis conducted by the independent urban planning adviser
3. The verdict of the test group

23 May 2017 Proposed decision from Executive Board

Based on the advice of the steering group, the Executive Board will issue a proposed decision on the University Library location at the City Centre Campus.

late May through early July 2017 Presentation of decision to representative advisory bodies

The proposed decision from the Executive Board will be presented to the representative advisory bodies involved.

first half of July 2017 Definitive decision from Executive Board

Following the recommendations from the representative advisory bodies, the Executive Board will issue a definitive decision. This will determine the location of the University Library.

*The urban planning adviser’s analysis will be published on www.campus.uva.nl/binnenstad
**These criteria will include: vision and ambition of the UvA, urban planning suitability, spatial and functional feasibility, architecture, planning and costs.
***The results of the consultation will be published on this website.

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12 April 2017