Scenario A

in the former convent and the second surgical clinic ('Zusterhuis' and the 'Tweede Chirurgische kliniek')

There are two possible scenarios for the new library. Scenario A on the Binnengasthuis site, in the former convent and the second surgical clinic and scenario B is located in the Oudemanhuispoort. Here you will read more about scenario A.

City planning

Scenario A works on the basis of two focal points within the campus: the University Library and the teaching. These two focal points will be connected by a square. This square will feature the main entrance to the library, thus linking the heart of the library with the campus. A bicycle basement at the start of the campus area will eliminate bicycles from the square and invite interaction.


Binnengasthuis site

The starting point for the library on the Binnengasthuis site is to create a new heart within the City Centre campus. The transparent main entrance at the former ambulance entrance will connect the campus with the core of the University Library: the atrium.

This atrium will be characterised by the stand-alone supporting structure of the roof, a transparent construction which connects and protects the monuments. It creates a flexible location which can be put to multifunctional use such as lectures, exhibitions and expanding the number of study areas.

Visitors can enter into the building from the atrium and via the lifts and stairs. Here, monumental spaces provide lecture, reading and study rooms. The distinctive Snijzaal will be given a new function as a space for lectures and special receptions.

On the Nieuwe Doelenstraat side, a new part of the building will link the two monuments. This connection will create a through route. This new construction will stand out from the existing buildings as a result of its unique texture and materials. With the public functions such as the café and the study rooms on the transparent facade, it is here that the library presents itself to the city.


Scenario A entree UB

Impression entrance library

Scenario A impressie atrium UB

Impression atrium library

scenario A doorsnede UB

Impressie section UB

scenario A impressie boeken en studiezaal UB

Impression study area and books UB

Published by  Real Estate Development

16 March 2017