What importance do university staff attach to the choice of location for the new University Library (UB)? A number of directors and two executive officers share their views on the new UB.

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Geert ten Dam, President of the Executive Board of the UvA

Varied input is key

‘A user of a building views a design in a different manner than an architect or an urban planner and sees different things. Such input has tremendous added value,’says Geert ten Dam, President of the Executive Board of the UvA. She hopes that the public consultation of the academic community will lead to surprising new insights. 

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Kees van Ast

We need to build a future-proof campus together

‘We want to tailor the City Centre Campus and the University Library to the needs of their users as much as possible,’says Kees van Ast, interim Member of the Executive Board and responsible for the Finance & Operational Management portfolio. Van Ast calls upon the academic community to provide input on this matter. 

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Cees van der Wolf, Director of Campus and Real Estate Development for the UvA

Sharing thoughts on the location of the UB

‘What we aim to achieve is a pleasant living and working environment for everyone,’says the Director of Real Estate Development for the UvA, Cees van der Wolf. He envisions a lively university quarter featuring a new University Library (UB), situated right next to the Rokin in central Amsterdam.

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Maria Heijne, the Director of the University Library

The hive of the university

‘A library actually functions like a beehive, which is something you can observe at the UB on the Singel and the Library Learning Centre on the Roeterseiland Campus. Libraries are places where students come to study, consult collections, meet up, spend long periods of time, and where other activities are held such as conferences and symposia. This development is in full swing at universities abroad. The new UB will also have that function in the future, for the entire university.

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Fred Weerman

Fred Weerman, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities

Making a decision is key

‘I would be happy with either of the proposed University Library sites. In my opinion, the key issue is that we come to a decision soon,’says Fred Weerman, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities. 

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Gerard Nijsten

Gerard Nijsten, Director of Operational Management at the Faculty of Humanties

UB pivotal to Faculty of Humanities hub

‘The City Centre Campus is a humanities hub, stretching from the Rokin halfway to the Kloveniersburgwal, which allows us to compete with a large number of universities around the world. It is a unique space in the Netherlands, as it houses a university, several collections, museums and institutes, including the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences,’says Gerard Nijsten, Director of Operational Management at the Faculty of Humanties, who has a clear vision of the future. 

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Published by  Real Estate Development

10 April 2017