City Centre University Library

The new University Library (UB) is to become the heart of the City Centre Campus for both UvA students and employees, where education and research will converge. In addition, part of the new UB will be a study centre for the faculty of Humanities.

Currently, two scenarios are being elaborated for the campus which establish the UB in two different locations: the Tweede Chrirugische Kliniek and the Zusterhuis on the Binnengasthuis premises and Oudemanhuispoort. 

UB accessible to all

The UB on the City Centre Campus is for all UvA students and staff members, as well as for residents of the area and other interested parties. It provides space for lectures, discussions and presentations for anyone who is interested. To promote collaboration within the discipline, the Humanities collection will be displayed in this central location. Previously, this collection was spread across four buildings, (the Bungehuis, the PC-Hoofthuis, the Kunsthistorisch Instituut (the Institute for Art History) and UB Singel). 

Calling card for UvA

The new UB's allure and functionality must have the potential to attract new students and function as the UvA's calling card.


Possible location of the UB on the Binnengasthuis premises.


Oudemanhuispoort as a possible location for the UB.

Why a new University Library?

The new City Centre University Library will be a hub for functions serving the entire City Centre Campus. It will be a place for people to meet, develop ideas and share their expertise. For this to happen in a natural way, the City Centre University Library needs a central location in the City Centre Campus. It needs to be the heart of the campus. The existing University Library on the Singel is not suitable for this:

  • The building cannot meet increasing demand for study and work spaces;
  • The building is made up of five different, partly listed buildings which, even if they were substantially renovated still could not meet today‚Äôs requirements for a good library service;
  • The building cannot be renovated in line with Breeam* sustainability requirements within acceptable cost limits;
  • The UvA would need to build an underground bicycle park at the University Library on the Singel. The municipality is currently tolerating the nuisance of bicycles in front of the University Library on the Singel because it knows the library is moving soon. 

* BREEAM-NL is the instrument used to provide integrated measurements and assessments of the sustainability of new buildings, existing buildings, areas and demolition projects.

Published by  Real Estate Development

12 April 2016